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Bag Holder for Take-Out Bags

Bag Holder for Take-Out Bags

About this item

  • NO MORE SPILLS! - BAGO keeps your to-go orders and groceries secure, so you can focus on the road!
  • MADE IN USA! - Each BAGO is built to last in Atlanta, GA, USA using high quality components and assembled with care.
  • SAFER DRIVING! - Securing your bag with BAGO removes the distraction of keeping it upright while navigating through traffic, turns, and changing speeds. Let BAGO look after your bag while you focus on driving safely.
  • EASY TO USE! - No screws or adhesives required. Simply place the white anchor piece in the glovebox and shut the door. Then secure the clamp to the top of the bag and tighten the strap, creating tension but leaving the weight of the bag resting on the floor.
  • HOW IT WORKS - BAGO keeps the distance between the white anchor piece in the glovebox and the top of the bag constant. The bag’s weight and the upward tension BAGO provides work together to keep the top of the bag pointed up and to minimize bag movement.
  • EASY TO STORE! - When you're not using BAGO, simply stow it in your glovebox. BAGO packs down to take up less room than a sunglasses case when not in use.
  • BUILT TO LAST! - BAGO was developed over several years to determine the optimal design and materials to maximize utility and longevity. Since 2022, BAGO has shipped hundreds of units to satisfied customers around the world.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important the bag's weight remain on the car floor while BAGO is in use. The strap should not be overtightened such that the bag is partially or fully lifted off the car floor.

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