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Car Tire Snow Chain Zip Ties

Car Tire Snow Chain Zip Ties

About this item

  • Versatile Compatibility: these tire chains for pickup trucks are designed to accommodate an extensive range of tire sizes, approx. 6.5-10.5 inches, providing a universal fit for trucks, SUVs, small vans, passenger cars and more, adding functionality and versatility to your vehicle
  • Ease of Use: these car tire zip ties for snow are easy to use, allowing for quick and hassle free installation, so even in an emergency, these tire zip tie chains help get your vehicle moving smoothly through snowy conditions, just unfasten the clasp to remove
  • Comprehensive Package: you will receive 40 pieces of reusable anti snow chains of car, reusable and quality, providing you with long term service and reducing the frequency of replacements, which will bring you practical functions
  • Portable and Strong: experience quality performance and durability with these tire chains for cars universal, which are made from plastic; The reliable material ensures that the snow tire plastic chains can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Vibrant Color Design: aesthetically created in a bright orange color, these snow tire chains not only offer nice performance but also add a visual appeal to your tires; The eye catching color helps increase visibility while also giving your tires a trendy and striking appearance, thus enhancing safety while on the road during snowy days

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