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Chlorine Dioxide Fogger Odor Elimination System

Chlorine Dioxide Fogger Odor Elimination System

About this item

  • Note: This is not an air freshener. Please read complete set of detailed instructions contained within this kit prior to using.
  • Removes many types of every day odors, such as: Fuel Vapors, Rotten Food, Pet Odors, Smoke and Vomit
  • Great for use in: Cars, Buses, Marine/RV, Trucks, SUV, and Much More
  • Contents: 2- Mylar pouches 1 - Liquid Activator Detailed instructions and window insert
  • The Finest Professional Car Care Products Made: Since 1947, Gliptone products have been built to protect cars and boats from some of the harshest elements on the planet; including scorching summers, snow filled winters and salt filled hurricane force winds of our Long Island coastal environment. Gliptone continues to keep true to our purpose of developing and producing the finest products. Gliptone's emphasis on quality and customer service shines through. "Try it Once, use it forever"

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