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Colorful Exhaust Flame Paste

Colorful Exhaust Flame Paste

About This Item

Your car must shoot flames out of the exhaust tips before purchase.

The product is a paste and you line it in the exhaust tips of the car! No fuel additive or anything going through your engine! It is compatible with all types of fuel and octanes!

The product washes out with water and a wire brush or gets burned off.

Depending on your flame the results may very. If your flames are quick you may see a flash of green but if you have flames that sustain the green will present in the flame.

The longevity of the product all depends on how much product you will be applying. How harsh your flames are and how long it is held. Could be a 30 minute flame session and it burns off or it could be 3 days with flames here and there. That is per application of the product and there’s enough for multiple applications per product. For me personally it lasted me 5+ applications on quad tips. For single or dual it would last even more. The bottle contains 2 oz of paste.

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