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DirtFish Rally Car School

DirtFish Rally Car School

About This School

DirtFish Rally School offers a wide range of driving programs. Not just for individuals, but also for corporate and custom groups. These programs teach car control, confidence behind the wheel, and recognized rally technique on multiple surfaces. With instructors from a variety of driving backgrounds, DirtFish caters to anyone and everyone trying to enhance their car control ability.

Outfitted with an immaculate fleet of turbocharged, all-wheel-drive Subaru WRX STIs, and naturally aspirated rear-wheel-drive Subaru BRZs, DirtFish is equipped to offer the excitement of rally to guests from around the world.

DirtFish teaches over 3,000 students each year and is always looking at new ways to utilize the property to further broaden product offerings.

With the success of the school’s driving programs and hosting of group events, DirtFish quickly realized it was time to expand. The next step was to break into motorsports, and DirtFish Motorsports was born in 2014. Within a year, the team was at the competitive forefront in stage rally and North America’s top rallycross series.

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