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Hornblasters Conductor's Special Train Horn Kit

Hornblasters Conductor's Special Train Horn Kit

Brand HornBlasters
Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 21 x 21 x 16 inches
Voltage 228 Volts
Fit Type Universal Fit

About this item

  • High Quaity Quad Trumpet Train Horn Kit - These air horns are crafted out of an ABS Reinforced Fiberglass composite. These horns will never tarnish in harsh conditions. The Shocker horns are outfitted with stainless steel internals that will never rust out. PLEASE NOTE: 127H AND 228H AIR SOURCES ARE NOT WEATHER RESISTANT!! WARRANTY VOID IF MOUNTED OUTSIDE THE VEHICLE.
  • All-Inclusive - Everything you need for your install can be found right in the box. We include a complete wiring kit, along with a pre-assembled tank/compressor combo.
  • Ease of Install - With a pre-assembled tank and compressor, all you have to do is mount it. All the fittings are pre-plumbed and sealed tight. This ensures a hassle-free and leak-free install.
  • Efficient - Unlike other systems, this compressor draws LESS than 20 amps! This means less stress on your vehicle's electronics.
  • Hornblasters Famous Shocker XL Horns - This kit features our Shocker XL Train Horns. These horns have been our go-to solution for anyone wanting train horns on their ride. With a manifold-less design, these horns can be mounted virtually anywhere in any orientation. This gives you more wiggle room with the install, and ensures a universal fit.

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