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Ice Scraper with Fleece Mitt

Ice Scraper with Fleece Mitt

About This item

  • ULTIMATE MORNING CONVENIENCE: Woke up to a heavy snow outside? grab this handy windshield scraper for ice and snow, run out the door and scrape till you’re ready to go, all while keeping toasty warm and dry thanks to the attached waterproof and windproof fleece-lined glove.
  • WATERPROOF DESIGNED: This Scrub-It ice scrapers for car windshield was designed with high technology waterproof and windproof features. It’s fleece-lined material will keep you warm and let you forget about the cold weather you’re surrounded by.
  • PERFECT FIT: Guy or girl with hands big or small, this snow car scraper glove will fit just fine thanks to the elastic wristband. This car ice scraper and brush even comes in three cool colors for anyone in the family.
  • DITCH THE OLD SCRAPER: You used to have to bundle up, run out to the SUV, open the door, grab the windshield ice scraper, then go to town, and finally drop everything back where you got it. With this scraper for car windshield and glove combo, all you have to do is leave it in the trunk and grab it when needed.
  • GREATEST WINTER GIFT: Do you know anyone who’s not keen on using the ice scraper before they start the car? This convenient combo will save them a few steps. Click Buy Now and order a couple for your family today!

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