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Koenigsegg Body/Hair/Car Wash With New Car Smell

Koenigsegg Body/Hair/Car Wash With New Car Smell

About This Item

Some of us just love that new car smell and can’t get enough of it. Koenigsegg knows just how popular it is and that’s why they’ve announced their latest product: a 3-in-1 body/hair/car wash. This new product comes in a slick carbon fiber-looking, egg-shaped bottle that’s quite stylish. What’s more, its scent is “New Car Smell.” Yes, you and your car can smell just like each other after a nice wash, and no more will people say you smell like an old car. After a wash with this new product, you’ll be smelling like you just rolled off of the dealership lot.

Of course, this was announced on April 1st and is clearly an April Fool’s joke. Unless? No, I’m just kidding… Unless? I can’t help thinking about how it would be to smell like a new car.

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