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PumpPal Reusable Fueling Glove

PumpPal Reusable Fueling Glove

About This Product

  • Protection at the Pump- PumpPal is the reusable fueling glove that protects your hands from filthy gas pump handles & gas station keypads. Never come into contact with dirty fuel pumps again
  • At Your Fingertips- The Pump Pal refueling gloves securely store inside your gas tank, so it's always there whenever you fill up your tank. The one-size Pump Pal glove fits all & it slips on with 1 hand
  • Feel-Good Fueling- Pump Pal gas glove replaces single-use plastic gloves at the pump. Let’s do our part to protect the planet one driver at a time
  • Easy to Install and Use- Pump Pal magnetically installs inside your fuel door in less than 5 minutes. Clean your BPA-free silicone gas pump mit as often as desired using soap & water
  • Pump Pal makes a great idea for your friends and family. Available in a variety of colors. Pump Pal is the original reusable gas pump glove.

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