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V2 Hybrid Diffused RX7 RGB Tails

V2 Hybrid Diffused RX7 RGB Tails

About This Product

V2 is full RGB colors via app base. unlimited showmodes and colors options. 5 presets turn signal option, f1 braking and 5 presets for park on animations.

  • All of StopMotion's  lights are  made right here in the USA.  All of the lights also carry a 1-year warranty that guarantees that they are free from all manufacturers defects. Warranty voided if lights show any signs of liquid, physical damage or being altered. 
  • These lights are MADE-TO-ORDER, due to the amount of time it takes to make. The wait time for the customization is about 6 weeks from day of purchase date
  • If you need a custom design please let us know, we will try our best to accommodate and work with you.
  • Lights are 95% Plug & Play
  • These lights are made for off road use and/or show purposes only and are not intended for use on public roads. 
  • These lights are not DOT approved 

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